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Screen Printing in and near Naples Florida


 Screen Printing might be foreign to you but it is not to us. It is something we love and have been doing for a very long time. 1961 to be exact... Yes I said 1961 that gives us 57 years in this business. With that many years and we are still here, that should tell you we know what we are doing. But just in case I am going to let you know what sets us apart from the rest.

From start to finish our staff will take the best care of you. Whether you walk in the front door or send us an email, our sales staff is knowledgeable in all our services and procedures. This will put you at ease right away.

If you only have an idea of your design or you know what you want. Our graphic designers have many ideas to share. They will do your design or clean up the rough edges of your idea. Before anything is moved onto any product, your approval will be needed. The graphic designs will send you the specs of your artwork in color in an email to you so you will know what it will look like. This is your time to say what you like or want changed. Once your design/artwork is approved, it is move to the production room for screens.

Our printers have over 40 years of experience between them. Your screens are set up for printing. But we just don’t slap any ink on your shirts. We make sure that the ink is right for the fabric. Shirts are not just made of cotton anymore. Dry-Fit, 100% polyester shirts, Lycra, Spandex, Nylon and good old cotton all need special inks to prevent cracking and pulling. Most companies just stock one kind of ink and use it for all fabrics. We do not. The way you look reflects on us. So we take the best care of your order.  Our printers do one test sheet before they print on the product itself. This lets them know what everything will look like and we save the test sheets with your file for future orders.

Now your design is ready for printing. Whether you are making 6 shirts or 500. The same steps and care are given. We treat every order like we are the customer. The best part about all this is nothing leaves our building. All, yes ALL, work is done in-house. We do not send anything out. This and that we are a Family owned and operating business is why we are above the rest and been in business for so long.

Now that the order is done, we are back to our sales staff. Your order is boxed and ready for pick up. They will give you a friendly call to let you know you can come pick everything up.  


Screen Printing in Naples FL
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Screen Printing Naples
Screen Printing Naples FL
Screen Printing Naples Florida
Naples Screen Printing
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